Deadline: March 16, 2020

Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.

The goal of  Y Combinator  is to get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then it can introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.

Y Combinator is accepting applications from startups for the Winter 2020 funding cycle.


  • Companies from anywhere in the world
  • Companies doing everything from building mobile apps to diagnosing cancer
  • Companies that just started and have nothing more than an idea

International founders, please note: if your company is already incorporated as a non-United States company (other than Canada or the Cayman Islands), to participate in YC you will need to create a parent company that is the United States or Cayman Islands corporation (with the non-United States company becoming a subsidiary of the new parent company). While lawyers will drive this process, it will require a significant effort on your part.



  • $150k on a post-money safe in return for 7% of the company when the safe converts.
  • Regular office hours year-round for startups who want to talk about what they’re building, or get advice on dealing with investors, also have occasional events at YC.
  • During and after the 3 months it introduces startups individually to people who could help them
  • Continuity in giving advice and make introductions as long as startups need



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