The Benefits of a Productivity Cycle includes: making your practice more deliberate, saving mental energy, ending procrastination, working with your natural rhythms and creating space.

The following steps will also build your own productivity cycle by starting with a habit, experimenting with timing, documenting your process and also batching. These and more were taught in the previous post which you can get here.

If you think of it, sometimes it seems like there is never enough time in the day. But, since we all get the same 24 hours, why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others?

The answer lies in planning, prioritising, creating and sticking to a plan and using all available resources and tools to your advantage.

Personal productivity is not just about checking boxes off your to-do list; it is about making sure you are getting the right things done, in the right time frame, in an effective way in all areas of our lives.

To increase your productivity, you either need to increase the output or reduce the time it takes or do a combination of both.

Reasons For Lower Personal Productivity

First of all, we need to understand the reasons for lower personal productivity which are:

  • Lack of Clarity: We are not clear about our goals, if there is no clarity about the goals, our mind becomes confused and does not know where to focus. As a result, we can get very few things completed. This means we have not spent quality time thinking about the goals.
  • No Plan: We don’t have a plan for our goals or have a plan that is not aligned with our goals.
  • Lack Of Emotion Management: All of us go through a plethora of emotions every day. If we don’t identify and understand our own emotions and express them at the right time, in an effective way with the right people, then we spend enormous amounts of energy to address our emotions internally and this energy is not available to do any other work. As a result, we lose our productivity.
  • Improper Nutrition: Our body is designed to generate energy for us to think and nutrition is the fuel that is required in the right amount, at the right time and at the right frequency. Nutrition has a direct effect on our physical and mental energy levels.
  • No Exercise: Insufficient or lack of physical exercise. Our body can produce energy only if we exercise.
  • Inadequate Sleep and Relaxation: According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night for their bodies and mind to function optimally.
  • Doing it Alone: Not getting help from others when absolutely essential. We must know our strong areas and our areas where we need help.
  • Lack of Tools: We do not have the tools and/or skills required to perform tasks. 
  • Not Saying No: We do not say “no” to distractions that are not important to our goals.

Importance of Personal Productivity

  • If work is not complete in time, there are missed deadlines.
  • Missed deadlines create backlogs.
  • Backlogs and any incomplete work is a major source of stress.
  • Everybody wants results. Personal productivity has a direct impact on the quantity and quality of the results that we produce.
  • If we have high productivity, we can complete our targeted to-do list and we can spend more time on personal things and with family.
  • If we have high productivity, we feel in control because our daily tasks are complete.
  • With higher productivity, our stress level is reduced.


A lot of people might feel they can override the importance of personal productivity because they believe they function without it but emphasis must be placed on it for long term purposes and for proper maximization of time and resources.


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