In the previous lesson, I talked about The Importance of Making Plans which can be found here,  where I highlighted to you what you’re required to do to be the best you can be in your business. I talked about why it is important to continually assess yourself, plan what to do, implement your plans, and so on.

So today, I will be telling you why you need to set goals. 

You might be thinking that goal setting is for big businesses only, well that’s not true.

Setting goals as stated in previous posts is very important for any business even if it’s a growing business.

What are the reasons for setting goals?

  • Goals help you to be more effective by directing your focus towards activities and behaviors that are most important.
  • Goals help to energize you; the more important you perceive the goal to be, the more motivated you are to complete it
  • Goals encourage you to be persistent on a task.
  • Goals help you to draw on skills and knowledge you already have, or to learn new skills and knowledge appropriate for achieving the goals.

A lot of people might have other reasons for setting goals but the aforementioned reasons are the most important and are non-negotiable if you want your business to not only make a profit for you but also to impact lives.

It is therefore important for you not to miss out on other parts of this series.