Deadline: July 22 2022

We are offering grants of between $500 – $1,000 to social impact organisations in Ghana and Nigeria.

To us, ‘giving back’ should be a part of every organisation’s reason for existing. That’s why at Foundervine, we’ve been raising funding from our employees and community to assist mission-driven organisations to get back on track.

In 2020, the world experienced the devastating impact of COVID-19, which led to nationwide lockdowns and government restrictions. In Ghana and Nigeria, small charities and social enterprises were hit very hard. That’s why Vine Fund 1 is supporting organisations that help communities in these countries.

The funding can be used for:

Helping you get your social impact organisation back on track

  • This might be the costs of getting trading back up and running, supporting outreach and marketing, supporting your costs while your business gets back to full strength, developing new markets and services etc.

Helping you work with communities that are recovering

  • This might be work related to supporting communities that have been hard hit by COVID-19, for example, supporting people to get back to work, helping marginalised children catch up with education, supporting families who have been bereaved, and providing services for people affected by long COVID etc

How does the fund support you?


Organisations will be awarded grants ranging from $500 – $1000 to support their businesses

Organisations will receive non-financial capacity building support through masterclasses, trainings, coaching or mentoring in order to scale up their businesses

Community Support

Organisations will be added to the Vine Community where they can tap into the resources of the Community for growth

Get guidance on each part of the application process.

A community space for Q&A’s, collaboration, and networking.

Applicant Criteria​

  • The operations of the organisation must impact communities in Ghana or Nigeria

  • The organisation must be legally registered as a social enterprise/charitable organisation

  • The organisation must have been in operation for at least 12 months at time of application

  • The organisation must normally rely on income from trading activity (selling goods or services)

Application Process

  • Complete the online application form by 22 July

  • 24 organisations (12 from each country) will be selected to pitch

  • Up to 16 organisations will be awarded grants ranging from $500 – $1,000


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