Deadline: March 18, 2022

USADF and All On are excited to request proposals for the USADF-All On Off-Grid Energy Challenge. Proposals are invited from eligible Nigerian off-grid energy companies. Selected enterprises will receive funding in the form of convertible debt and grant capital.

To be considered for the Challenge, applicants must be 100% African-owned, majority Nigerian-owned and -managed private companies registered in Nigeria, and operating in Nigeria.

All instructions to apply are included in the document labeled “RFP,” uploaded below. The application template for applicants to fill in is also below. Applicants must send the completed application template, as well as all required attachments, on or before March 18, 2022. Please note that applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is advised that applicants submit their proposals as soon as possible.


To be considered for grant funding, the Applicant must demonstrate that:

  • It has had basic functional management and financial controls for a minimum of 2 years.
  • It has been using financial institutions for all its business transactions for the last 12 months. Money transfer statements can be used to back up the bank statements.
  • It has in the past applied for commercial investment and met some (if not most) of the financing requirements, but the application was denied due to internal systems and capabilities gaps.
  • It has paid all taxes to the relevant authorities in a timely manner.
  • It is legally registered and has fixed premises for business operations.
  • It has the capacity to make at least a 50% contribution towards the cost of implementing activities under the grant funding.
  • For group-owned enterprises/cooperatives, the applicant must demonstrate that it has successfully worked together for a minimum of two years, has the capability to effectively use grants funds, and the membership is in agreement on the challenges to be addressed with the grant funding and has a commitment to benefit its community.
  • It is 100% African-owned and -managed.
  • Special consideration will be given to applications that incorporate innovative strategies and make use of new approaches and technologies.
  • Special consideration will also be given to women-owned enterprises and applications that promote youth.


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