Application Deadline: June 4, 2021


As a food business, you are vitally important. Companies like yours can provide good food for your community, your country and the world.

Enter this competition to showcase your business as an inspiring example to the whole world. 50 winners will be honored as a “Best Small Business: Good Food for All” and get spotlighted by world-wide media. They will also share US$100,000 of prize money! Each submission will help inform global leaders what businesses like yours need to thrive and every applicant will be invited to Food Systems Summit events.

What we’re looking for at the UN Best Small Business Competition

We’re looking for businesses making a positive difference. Maybe you provide healthy, safe food to customers, and encourage them to eat more nutritious choices. Maybe you produce food in a way that benefits nature, or you create jobs through your business. Wherever you are in the world, however you contribute to “good food for all”, we want to hear from you!

Who is Eligible for the UN Best Small Business Competition?

The competition is open to any small to medium sized enterprises doing all or most of its activities in the food system, in any country. We are looking for “everyday heroes” like you!

To qualify, your business must have between 5-250 employees, be legally registered, and operate in compliance with the law. As the applicant, you must be an adult. You must also be a founder of the business or play an active role in its current leadership.

UN Best Small Business

Steps to Apply for the UN Best Small Business Competition

Apply by June 4th 2021

STEP 1 – Raise your voice – Tell the United Nations about your business and what you need from global leaders to be successful. These answers will not be judged.

STEP 2 – Apply to be a winner — Describe the positive impact of your business and your vision for its future. Once you submit, you have a chance to win!

If you are selected as one of 150 semi-finalists:

STEP 3 – Submit a video – Create a simple, short video describing why your business is an inspiring example. Semi-finalists will receive an email with instructions between June 11th and June 16th and will have four days to create and upload the video.


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