Deadline: December 29, 2021

Access Bank, in partnership with Udacity, has announced the provision of 5,000 scholarships to young talented Africans between the ages of 20 and 30 through the Advance Africa Scholarship Programme 2021.

Participants will be part of a tech-focused community and will build a network with other young inspiring youths across Africa. The programme is aimed at people in Africa building practical, in-demand, cutting edge technical skills.

The Scholarships will create opportunities for recipients, given them the skills required by a plethora of tech and other companies around the world.

Advance Africa Scholarship Programme 2021 is also an opportunity to empower Africans across the continent who are interested in learning tech-centric skills to launch careers in the banking industry in 2021.

As digital transformation continues apace around the globe, IT skills have become vital for the future of work. Access Bank is on a mission to harness and build the next generation of fintech disruptors who will challenge the status quo through their curiosity, tenacity and budding imaginations.

Participants in the programme will learn from experts and gain real-world experience and skills in various IT and digital courses, to enable a progressive career within the banking industry.

The entire program is designed for youths to learn and carry out innovative projects that bring solution to real-world problems, enabling them to level up their skills, earn badges/nanodegrees and be ready to take on the future of work.

Eligibility criteria

  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduate or demonstration of evidence of strong interest in pursuing IT and digital career. Supporting documents must be submitted during application.
  • Consistent access to a laptop
  • Consistent access to robust data network and power supply
  • Commitment to the time required for the program
  • Must give pre-consent during application for Udacity to share data with the bank
  • Applicants must be between 20 and 30 years of age


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