Tommy Adebayo is living his Australian dream. Dubbed as a transformational leader and powerful migrant advocate, Tommy is the founder of Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine and Employ Migrants, a boutique recruitment agency for migrants.

He is the author of the best-selling book Migrant Success 101A comprehensive career guide for new arrivals to Australia (Pub. 2017).

Consultant and Speaker

A sought-after consultant and speaker, Tommy’s frank and humorous presentations inspire migrants and employers alike. He weaves in his own story as a migrant electrical engineer as he discusses the importance of diversity in business and the successful integration of migrants in Australia.

Migrant Advocate

Born in Oyo State, Nigeria, Tommy arrived in Australia in 2001 with hopes for a better future. Tommy believes in giving back to the community through volunteering and serving as a migrant advocate where he speaks to decision-makers, governments, and local councils on solutions to the challenges migrants and refugees face in their first five years in Australia.

Tommy was honored as the Multicultural Community Service Awards winner by the Western Australian government as the founder of African Professionals of Australia Ltd (APA).