DATE – 7th April 2021

Yesterday, when I started this series on Goal Setting, I gave an overview of what I have in stock for you in this packed series (which can be found here).

I know I have been able to prepare your minds as to what to expect throughout this series.

Well, today I will be telling you why you need to make plans.

I cannot overemphasize that managing yourself in the workplace involves:

  1. Understanding your role,
  2. Knowing how you add value to your company, and
  3. Consciously setting goals each year to make sure that you’re the most effective you can be.

But it is also expedient to also know that for you to also be on track to becoming the best you can be for your business, you are required to:

  1. continually assess your role and key outputs as a manager,
  2. plan what to do,
  3. implement your plans,
  4. measure your progress and most importantly
  5. Keep planning throughout your career.

I also need you to know that planning as mentioned in (5) above applies in two distinct spheres:

  • Your work objectives which you plan to achieve on behalf of your company, and
  • Your personal goals, which are the areas in which you aspire to become a better person.

I will emphasize that one lesson you need to learn in today’s lecture is that it is important for you to plan every time.

I believe that you’ve learnt something very important today. My advice to you is that you do not miss out on any of this series.