Application Deadline: 4 July 2021

The Global Development Network is partnering with the French Development Agency, AFD, to conduct an online video contest, on key development transitions taking place across the globe. The videos will tell the story of these transitions through the eyes of young researchers working in the Global South – enabling global audiences to learn about their challenges and successes.

The videos will link deep local knowledge and perspectives to the public discourse on global development through a variety of subjects such as climate, energy, gender, governance, and more. Apply by 4 July 2021. 

Through a two-step competitive selection, the contest will shortlist up to 20 videos. Shortlisted applicants will receive structured feedback and support (from both communications experts and research staff) before they are invited to re-work and submit a final and longer version of their video. All shortlisted participants who go through the revision and resubmission will compete for monetary prizes worth EUR 6,000.

How can you participate?

To take part in the contest, you are asked to produce (and make available online, following the instructions provided) an original video of 3-5m, focusing on the development challenge or transition you are currently working on. Note: we do not ask you to present your current research project or your latest paper, but to discuss in a video format the knowledge emerging from your research field, starting from a well-identified development challenge or transition. We are looking for videos that present research-based knowledge clearly and concisely, to reach the widest possible adult audience.

The video should cover the following questions:

  1. What transition will shape development in the next decade?
  2. Why do you see an urgent need to communicate about it?
  3. What are the roots and ramifications of the transition you are talking about?
  4. How does it affect us as a society, and as individuals?
  5. What key policies will be important to shape this transition?

If you are shortlisted, you will be expected to revise your video based on multiple feedback from academic and communications experts. Finalists will have access to more research communication activities of AFD and GDN, on products or topics that might differ slightly from the submitted videos.

What topic should your video focus on?

Applicants are asked to focus on a development challenge or transition they are currently researching, one they believe will shape the future of development. The videos should draw on existing evidence (research-based) regarding the roots, the course, and the ramifications of the transition/challenge you chose, for a general audience. We want to know what there is to learn about the transition you discuss, based on what researchers have figured out thus far.

Videos can focus on any of the following areas (the list is indicative and not exhaustive):

  • Global picture: ODA, sustainable development, SDGs, anthropological and technological revolution, decision making in a complex world, digital revolution, knowledge revolution, etc.
  • Climate and energy transition: Energy, climate change 
  • Territorial and ecological transition: urban development, environmental degradation, natural resource management in all sectors, biodiversity mainstreaming, actions for sustainable living
  • Demographic and social transition: demographic trends, migration, gender issues, poverty, inequality, education, health, the future of work, cultural issues, vulnerability, and fragility, conflict prevention
  • Economic and financial transition: growth, development finance, trade, structural transformations
  • Political and civic transition: governance, corruption, political regimes, political participation
  • Methodological issues: development measurements, the concept of transition, measures of wellbeing, prospective
  • Emerging approaches: Sustainability science or Sustainability Transitions Research 

Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Disciplinary expertise: The competition is open to researchers with at least a Master’s degree in social sciences. Applicants from the natural sciences are welcome to apply if they are currently working in larger multidisciplinary teams with social scientists.
  • Age: up to 40 years old on July 4th, 2021
  • Professional/academic affiliation: the contest is open to researchers with at least a Master’s degree, and who spend a significant part of their time working on academically informed research, irrespective of the registration status of their institution of affiliation. For example, applicants based in NGOs or think tanks and who conduct academically informed research, are welcome to apply even if they do not have an academic affiliation. This presumes you have a list of publications you can attach to your CV.

Read the full call, including how to make your video

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