Deadline: June 24, 2022

The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund Small Grants Programme exists to help provide relatively small levels of funding for ongoing projects or pilot programs with clear conservation value.

​Small grants will be awarded up to a maximum of NZD$5000. However, in most cases, successful grants will be in the region of NZD$2000 – $4000. The amount applied for through the program should represent a minimum of 25% of the project’s overall budget.

Auckland Zoo is pleased to announce that, in our centennial year, the next round of the small grants program will focus on projects conserving the world’s most threatened species – those that are believed to number 100 individuals or fewer.

They, therefore, invite applications for up to NZ$5,000 for small projects (less than NZ$20,000 total cost) from New Zealand or any developing country by Friday 24 June 2022. Applications must include evidence of the species’ population size by IUCN Red Listing criteria or other similar data in a publication or official report



Eligible projects must:

  • Have a clear conservation value
  • Be based in New Zealand or in a developing country (although applicants can be based anywhere in the world)
  • Be aligned with the geographic or taxonomic scope of the current small grants round (if applicable). From time to time our Small Grants Programme is focused on a particular region of the world (e.g the South Pacific) or a particular group of species (e.g. Invertebrates).



  • Grant opportunity

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