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The objective of the Bootcamp is to develop analytical and software development/engineering capabilities required to tackle complex business problems, by leveraging PwC’s essential 8 technologies to address growing issues and harness emerging opportunities across Africa. Enhance your software skills for free and get hired.

  • 6 weeks of intensive training and career development
  • 50 techies will be selected to participate in the boot camp
  • 10 + slots of employment offered available for the ten best participants

Training Tracks

  • software engineering: React, .Net, C#…
  • Agile product management: React, .Net, C#…
  • Data science/DB management: Python, SQL, tableau…
  • DevOps/deployment management: Git, Python, SQL..
  • Internet of things (IoT): Machine learning, AI, sensors, backend systems…
  • Design thinking & agile dev: Empathize, define, id

Bootcamp benefits

  • Employment contract for participants with exceptional performance
  • An opportunity to be placed in PwC’s pool of software engineering professionals for future engagements
  • An opportunity to acquire high demand technical skills and become readily employable.
  • Stipends that cover basic expenses during the program.

    Who should apply?

    • Individuals between the ages of 18-30 located in Lagos Nigeria for the entire duration of the program (6 weeks).
    • Individuals with strong analytical and problem solving skills.
    • Individuals that are of proven integrity, and who respect confidentiality agreements.
    • Individuals who possess excellent writing and oral communication skills and individuals who have the ability to explain complex solutions to a non- technical audience.
    • Individuals who think outside the box and can quickly learn new ideas and concepts
    • Good team players, who are self- motivated and able to work with minimal supervision.
    • Individuals who pay attention to detail and are able to assess work to identify any error (e.g. code-review).
    • Individuals who are able to translate business requirements into solutions.
    • Individuals who can actively identify system vulnerabilities and document them.
    • Be able to organize and coordinate solutions proposed by the team in a formal document for presentation.


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