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Paint the Future, led by AkzoNobel, is the largest collaborative innovation ecosystem in paints and coatings.

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What’s your brilliant solution to bring surfaces to life?

  • Enhanced Functionality: What exciting new functionality and/or transformative power can your technology offer to bring surfaces to life?
    We all know paints and coatings keep materials colorful and protected – whether it’s the walls inside your home, the outside of an airplane, the body of a race car, or the hull of a ship. By no means a small feat, but it’s not all those coatings can do.

Coatings can also add functionalities to bring surfaces to life, helping materials do their jobs better. Like resisting heat and radiation to keep buildings cool and reduce energy consumption. Or purifying the air and repelling bacteria – just to name a few examples.

  • Customer Experience: How could your solution improve the way our customers experience our products and services?
    You will find AkzoNobel’s paints and coatings often within a meter of where you’re standing at any given time. They’re essential products used on the interiors and exteriors of homes, on furniture, cars, bikes, bridges, stadiums, ships, aircraft, refrigerators, wind turbines, laptops and much more.

Whether you’re a consumer or a business, finishing a paint job often takes a lot of effort. Owners, contractors, designers, fabricators and applicators all play a part in the final result, so we want to offer them all the best possible experience.

  • Smart Application: How could your solution change or improve the way paints and coatings are applied?
    It would be our dream that – no matter what needs to be coated – all our customers, consumer or industrial, can efficiently apply paint and coatings in ways that are effortless, hassle-free, and waste-free. That’s where your innovative solution comes in – help us go the extra mile and make this dream a reality.
  • Circular Solutions: How would your solution enable the circular use of materials at any point in our value chain?
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sustainability is one of AkzoNobel’s core values and is integrated into everything they do. The company strives to lead the industry by pioneering a world of possibilities to empower people and reduce its impact on the planet, while consistently innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions for the customers.
  • Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain: How can your solution help us create and adopt smarter manufacturing and supply chain solutions?
    AkzoNobel’s manufacturing activities mainly take place in their own factories, although the company also works with external partners in response to specific challenges.

They make a wide variety of products and serve customers in many different segments across the globe. This means complexity for the company, but it also allows them to develop different kinds of solutions in many different processes, factories, and businesses.


  • Participating brings many advantages and opportunities for your startup.


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