Deadline:  20 June 2022.

Boasting some of the top experts in corporate and investment banking we have a proven track-record in the industry. The philosophy and passion for diverse thinking sets us apart, making us the right place to start your career!

NedBank is looking for #YoungDifferenceMakers, the best minds to join our team as we carve a distinct future. The team of finance experts excels at doing business, but they are also passionate about doing good for the greater society. If you believe that you can write your own unique success story that could create change for our country, the continent, and your own life, Nedbank is looking for you. Nedbank CIB wants multi-faceted people with strong academic skills, creative minds, and a value system that includes integrity and respect.


  • Computer science
  • Engineering (all fields)
  • Information technology
  • Data and analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Finance and economics
  • MCom (risk management of financial markets)
  • MPhil (mathematical finance)
  • Agricultural science
  • Environmental science


  • A four-month foundational Corporate and Investment Banking programme offered by an international service provider.
  • A 12-month programme covering elements such as personal leadership and the latest developments in fintech, business acumen and systems thinking, offering you the opportunity to be involved with a Nedbank CIB-endorsed corporate social investment project as well as action learning projects.
  • Permanent employment if you’re accepted into the graduate programme, offering you unique Nedbank experience.
  • Standard employee benefits and the opportunity to engage with top-management teams about the vision for CIB.

By joining the CIB graduate program, you’ll have:

  • the chance to accelerate your career by working with top industry leaders;
  • exposure to theoretical and practical training;
  • access to an alumni network of peers, based on a joint experience; and
  • the opportunity to learn how to bring changes in a big business through disruption and innovation.

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