Deadline: March 31, 2022

The Nahom Berhane Scholarship for Leadership and Inclusion recognizes youth who have a proven track record of  volunteerism, community service and leadership in the GTA. The Scholarship is redeemable at any level in postsecondary institutions and can be used at any accredited institution (college, university, accredited trades schools or certificate programs).

Applicants must be enrolled in or in the process of applying to a Canadian college, university, trades school or other institution for the upcoming year on a full-time basis (as defined by the school).



Disbursement of the Scholarship will be paid directly to the institution to help reduce the cost of registration, to a  maximum of $3,000. Application is required.



1.1 The applicant must meet the following criteria:
i) Be sponsored by a Mentor who will write a letter of support and commit to supporting the applicant in their educational journey for at least one year;
ii) Be enrolled in or in the process of applying to a Canadian college, university, trades school or other institution for the upcoming year on a fulltime basis (as defined by the school);
iii) Have a signed MoU from the Mentor/ Mentor organization committing to act as a mentor for the applicant for the duration of the Scholarship;
iv) Be 30 years old or younger on December 31, 2022;
v) Have lived in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area – see map) for at least two years;
vi) Be enrolled in a course of study leading to a first degree/diploma, license and or certificate program.
*Those who have graduated from overseas programs are considered to have completed a first degree  diploma and thus do not qualify for this Scholarship;
vii) Have a proven track record of volunteerism, community service and leadership in the community;
viii)Be Canadian citizens or have permanent residence status, or be in the process of obtaining permanent  residency in Canada. (Applicants who have permission from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) that allows them to study at a post-secondary institution may apply. Proof of an application with IRCC will be required.)

1.2 Priority will be given to applicants who:
i) Demonstrate financial need
ii) Are youth of African Descent
iii) Are from single-parent families
iv) Are from newcomer families
v) Are from first or second generation immigrant families
1.3 Applicants must comply with the Scholarship Policies and Procedures outlined in this document.
1.4 Applicants are responsible for submitting their Scholarship application on or before the application deadline set by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
1.5 Applicants must disclose any real or perceived conflict of interest. This could include family members or  relatives of Access Alliance MHCS Staff and/or Board members, and members of the Nahom Berhane Scholarship Fund Steering Committee, Fundraising Committee or Application Reviewing Committee.

Application form, guidelines, and required supporting documents


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