Deadline: May 1, 2022

Gain knowledge to help you scale through the tech industry for free. A basic introduction to software development and product design aimed at complete beginners, which anyone can join

Why Zuri Training?

Here at Zuri, you gain access to enough knowledge to introduce and aid your success in the tech industry.

  • Fully  Remote: 100% online classes available to anyone in the world.
  • Hands-on  Experience: We don’t just teach you theory, we show you how to build things.
  • Collaborative Learning: We connect you with like minds to grow together.
  • Real-life  Projects: We give CV-worthy projects to help you hit the ground running.
  • Beginner Friendly:  We provide step-by-step procedures on how to get things done.
  • In-program Mentorship: During and after the program you have access to experienced seniors.
  • We will help you get started High quality training with hands-on practice
  • We give you weekly tasks, ranging from easy to complex, as you progress from stage to stage; making it to the final stage means you are now ready to continue learning and growing independently.

Scope Of Program

Here is the list of areas that will be explored in the training.

Frontend Development: This track deals with the aspect of your application that the users interact with. A front-end developer will be able to correctly interpret a given design to the user interface.

Backend Development: This track deals with the aspect of the application the user does not directly interact with. It allows the frontend function either by running some back-end code or connecting to the database.

Product Design: This track deals with creating a graphic plan for an application. You will learn to convert project documentation into viewable and understandable graphic design for the developers to work with.

DevOps: The DevOps track is an extension of the backend tracking. It involves tools that’ll allow the participant to deploy solutions for public use.

Fullstack Development: A combination of frontend, backend, and DevOps. This track will only be available to participants who have the time to dedicate to the training.

Frameworks: During the program, we will be exploring several useful frameworks to give you an edge in the industry and help you develop complex applications much faster.


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