Deadline: June 3, 2022

We are proud to focus this year’s ILCA Fellowship on supporting research with projects in Africa with a topic relevant to African patients.

ILCA is ramping up efforts to alleviate Africa’s need for medical assistance. Although the African continent is one of the regions with a very high disease burden, clinical and scientific resources for diagnosing, treating, and researching liver cancer are very limited in most parts of this continent. ILCA recognizes this immense clinical and scientific need and plans to develop a strategy to engage African organizations and healthcare professionals in the education and training activities of ILCA.

Together with Dr. Lewis Roberts, ILCA Ambassador for Africa, we are launching for this year the ILCA Africa Fellowship 2022  linked to the ILCA Africa Programme.

The aims of this key initiative being the ILCA Africa Fellowship program are to
  • Encourage young investigators to pursue a career in liver cancer research
  • Develop the potential of outstanding young scientists and encourage research in liver cancer disciplines
  • Foster career development for individuals performing research in a liver cancer-related area and who have shown commitment to excellence at an early stage of their research study
  • Help progress ILCA’s mission to lead a global community of physicians, scientists, and allied professionals through education and research with the goal of better preventing and treating liver cancer
  • Promote science through the support of young researchers

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must be based in Africa. Fellowship recipients can complete this program within Africa or at the research mentors institution (if outside of Africa).
  • Candidate must be under 40 years old and undertaking postdoctoral studies in a liver cancer-related discipline within a public or private nonprofit institution engaged in health care and healthrelated research.
  • The candidate should hold a Ph.D. or MD and pursue postdoctoral studies which include both basic and/or clinical research.
  • Those in postMD Residency or Fellowship programs and engaged in liver cancer research are eligible.
  • If candidates hold fulltime faculty positions, letters of commitment must confirm support of the Fellowship requirements.
    Candidate must be an ILCA member in good standing and remain an ILCA member for the duration of the fellowship.
  • To apply for or renew your membership, please visit the membership section on ILCA Website and process your membership application online.

    candidate must be supported by a research mentor.
  • The mentor must be an ILCA member in good standing at the time of application and maintain active
  • membership for the duration of the fellowship period. A mentor does not need to be based in Africa.
  • If the mentor is not a member, he/she should apply for or renew his/her membership online on the ILCA website.
  • The application should include:
  • Candidate’s biographical sketch
  • Summary of research activity in Africa and abstract
  • Research plan of maximum 8 pages including specific aims, background, and significance, preliminary results, research design and methods, references, and information on the research facilities.
  • Letters of commitment from head of department and mentor of maximum 1 page each.


The applicant’s mentor must confirm the following:

▪ minimum of 80% of the applicant’s time will be devoted to the research project on which this

application is based

▪ he/she will be available to provide advice and guidance to the applicant during the award cycle

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