Deadline: January 31, 2022

IFAD believes that innovation is critical to improving its performance and addressing problems during the Twelfth Replenishment of IFAD’s Resources period and beyond. It is holding a second Innovation Challenge to encourage colleagues from across the organization to think of ways in which we can innovate in both how we organize our work and our operations in-country projects.

The first Innovation Challenge was held in 2019 to promote innovation in the organization, with a focus on enhancing results and efficiency. Fifty proposals were received, 10 were selected to develop proofs of concept and prototyping and, by the end of the Challenge, two winners were chosen and funded for scaling up: GeoScan and GeoTech4Tenure (which fostered further interest in IFAD about the uses of geospatial technology in the Fund’s investments). A third project, TRACE Blockchain by IFAD, was also supported as it addresses one of the problems identified during the Challenge.  Overall, the challenge succeeded in contributing to idea generation and fostering a culture that promotes innovation.


The online application forms must be submitted by an IFAD staff member with the approval of
their Director or higher; however, team members can be any member of IFAD’s workforce or partners in the field. Applications from country offices are particularly encouraged!
In addition:

  • Your project must address one of the five tracks (see above) of the challenge.
  • The challenge is aimed at scouting for early-stage ideas.
  • Management approval (divisional director or higher) is required to participate.
  •  All projects must have a team that is dedicated and committed to completing all stages of the challenge. (If interns and short-term members of the  workforce are included in project teams, teams must submit a continuity plan outlining how the plan will proceed should these staff leave the Fund.)

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By participating in the Challenge, teams will:

  1. Foster change: Contribute to improving the ways IFAD works.
  2. Get funding: Receive financial support to realize their ideas.
  3. Receive coaching: Benefit from coaching sessions from international experts on tools on innovation, design thinking, behavioral science, entrepreneurship, etc.
  4. Get support: Receive guidance from IFAD colleagues in selected business units.

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