Deadline: August 17, 2022

Huawei Spark Ignite 2022 is back! Bigger and better, this year’s edition is calling for a new batch of startups who DARE TO EXCEED the boundaries of their perceived limits by partnering Huawei to help startups realise their ambitions and exceed their potential.

This year, we’re calling for ambitious growth startups, with existing commercially available products/services and who are not part of any existing Huawei program, to showcase your innovation to address one of the categories below and partner with a leading global brand.

In addition to USD 125K Cloud Credits and a grant prize of USD 40K, the Grand Winner will gain the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading technology innovators to bring their products and company onto another level, and onto a global platform. They will also be fast-tracked to compete as one of the Top 50 Global Startups of SLINGSHOT 2022, as part of the SLINGSHOT x SWITCH event. Up to 25 businesses are eligible for prizes, so there is plenty of room to make a tangible difference to your business future by joining Huawei Spark Ignite 2022.


To be eligible for this competition, your Company must be a:

  • Growth startup (at least Seed stage)
  • Startup with services/products that are already commercially available
  • Startup with traction – Revenue, clients (preferred)
  • Business entity and/or with clients in Asia Pacific
  • Not currently part of Huawei Spark
  • Not currently part of Huawei Partner Network
  • Top 15 from Spark Ignite 2021, Spark Ignite 2020, Spark Malaysia, Spark Thailand and past winners of AppsUP 2020 are not eligible to compete
  • Have a solution in one of the categories listed in the Brief

Application Phase

What do you need to submit to apply?

  • Executive summary – 1 slide
  • Problem Statement – 1 slide
  • Service and Business Model (e.g. What’s your service and business model), and how money works (e.g. pricing structure)? – 1 slide
  • Sales & Growth Transactions – 2 slides
    • Service revenue of (up to) last 3 years and revenue forecast for 2022
    • Size of client/user base, reference client/project
  • Market Potential – 1 slide
  • Competitive Landscape – 1 slide
  • Solution outline – 3 slides
    • High-level solution architecture
    • Solution USP
    • Solution development roadmap & key challenge(s)
  • Strategy/Business Growth Roadmap – 1 slide
  • Funding Received – 1 slide
  • Team – 1 slide


For the Grand Winner:
For the 2nd & 3rd winners:
For the 4th & 5th-placing winners:
  • USD 80K Cloud Credits
  • Admission to Huawei Spark Program “Accelerate” Tier
  • Admission to Huawei Spark Fire
  • Admission to Spark Go-China program
  • Fundraising Support
For the 6th to 10th-placing winners
  • USD 40K Cloud Credits
  • Admission to Huawei Spark Program “Incubate” Tier
  • Fundraising Support
For the 11th to 15th-placing winners
  • USD 20K Cloud Credits
  • Admission to Huawei Spark Program “Incubate” Tier
  • Fundraising Support
For the 16th to 25th-placing winners
  • USD 10K Cloud Credits

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