A filter is something that can delete, distort, or generalize the message we’re trying to share. And filters are in place for both the sender and receiver in every single conversation.

In our daily lives, communication is very vital. Communication is regarded as one of the driving force of our existence because it brings people together and closer to each other. Even in the workplace, good communication helps every worker to adjust to the physical and social aspects of work. It also improves good human relations. For every communication to be effective, a message must be sent and a response must be received. 

In a workplace ideas, thoughts, instructions, and so on would be exchanged between conversants and there would be appropriate responses of either verbal or non-verbal cues. Communication in the workplace is one of the signs of a high-performance culture. 

Communication is so important in the workplace because it avoids confusion, provides a purpose, builds positive company culture, and creates accountability. 

Workplace communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas, both verbally and non-verbally between one person or group and another person or group within an organization. It includes emails, videoconferencing, text messages, notes, calls, etc.

It is important for you to know that our personal experiences and life lessons have a way of influencing how we view the world and how we communicate. These experiences and backgrounds serve as filters to how we communicate. For example, someone who was raised in a very strict religious background might find it a bit hard to match the communication style of someone exactly the opposite and vice versa.

In the communication process, a message sender sees the world through one set of filters (experiences and values) and the receiver sees it through a different set of filters. Therefore, each message has to pass through at least two sets of filters. This is why people from similar social and economic backgrounds find it easier to communicate while it is not the same with people from entirely different backgrounds.

The diverse nature of every workplace makes it impossible for anyone to communicate the same way with everybody. Therefore, every single person must learn how to successfully communicate with each other putting into consideration personal filters.

Communicate Effectively With Filters

How Can You Communicate Effectively With Filters

Your message is as important as you if you want to get the best from yourself and everyone around you. You have to learn how to filter your message to ensure everything you intend to communicate hits the target every time. 


This is the first thing you need to consider, you need to always ask yourself questions like, is this the right time to say or write this thing. To determine if the time is right or not, you need to ascertain if your message is complete or not and you have to study the mood around the receiver to be sure you’ll get the appropriate response.


Some people keep complaining that they’re not getting the desired response from the receivers of their messages but they don’t think about where they passed the message. For example, you want to communicate a very important message and the receiver is in a crowded place, such a message might not get an appropriate and desired response because the message may not be totally received and some can get lost due to noise and other factors. You must always learn to understand and find the perfect setting every time you want to pass a message. 

The only exception to this is if you’re sure there’s no other time you can get the message across or if there’s no better place to pass it across.


In every communication process, the receiver is very important as communication is not complete until the receiver receives and gives a response. You must always put your receiver into consideration. For example, if your receiver is not as literate as you, you cannot communicate in a language that would be so complex for the receiver to understand. Therefore, when you are able to determine the type of person your receiver is, your communication process would become easier. 


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