Core Value Motivation is the idea of drawing from principles, standards on behaviour or judgement of what’s important in life for direction, inspiration and motivation.

It is a proven fact that a very good percentage of employees want and prefer a job that aligns with their interests and passions.

You might not understand this but I believe you know that the core values and guiding mission statements of your business are the basis of a strong company culture, which will help attract more job seekers. 

Consciously embodying the values of your firm helps send a message that you are interested in achieving what you want and also shows your employees what it means to work with your firm and if it aligns with their own values then their productivity would also positively reflect it. 

Your core values are different from your mission statement because core values define a way of operating that remains constant regardless of external factors affecting your business.

Your core values come from your heart and they reflect the ethos of your company. Your core values are also those things your clients cherish about your business. 

For you to determine this then you need to ask yourself what you would want if your business was an individual.

How Do You Define Your Core Value?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is to identify a list of the main traits that accurately convey your company’s culture which should be true, relevant and inspiring.

Those core values must be communicated throughout your workforce which helps to further sharpen their delivery.

Core Value Motivation

How Do Core Value Motivation Help Your Workforce?

1. Increase Employee Engagement and Fulfillment.

Core values can increase engagement and fulfillment among your employees by creating a workplace culture built on the principles that they believe and trust.

2. Improve Performance

Employees who understand and endorse your core values have a clearer perception of what the company is trying to achieve, and how they can contribute. These values will guide their actions and help them perform at their best.

3. Keep Your Employees From Leaving.

Employees who strongly believe in your core values and experience the fulfillment of their contribution face less temptation to look for another job. 

4. Attract The Kind Of Talent You Are Looking For.

It needs no explanation that attractive core values boost the profile of a company in the job market.

Your core values must be maintained and practised in everything your company does.

To practice those core values then you need to communicate those values to your workforce, reward and recognize employees that demonstrate those core values and get feedback on what your employees think about the core values.


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