Application Deadline: July 23, 2021


Thank you for your interest in the #WatchOurImpact Global LEAD Digital Storytelling Contest (“Contest”)! We are thrilled that you are considering entering this contest designed specifically for young changemakers like you!

Youth around the world are making lasting impacts in their communities, yet their efforts are too often underestimated.

The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Global Leadership and Education Advancing Development (Global LEAD) Initiative, YouthPower2: Learning and Evaluation (YP2LE), and Generation Unlimited (GenU), along with other global partners, have joined forces for this digital storytelling contest to show how youth are using the power of change to make the world a better place.   

Entering Is Easy

  1. Create a three-minute video or slideshow that meets the contest requirements below. 
  2. Upload your video or slideshow to YouTube or Vimeo. 
  3. Fill out the submission form. You must be a member of YouthLead to submit, but registration is free. Register or Login here.

Submission Requirements for Global LEAD Digital Storytelling Contest

All video and/or slideshow submissions must:

  1. Be no longer than three minutes; 
  2. Have a title and brief description; and
  3. Be an original work by the Entrant created for the purpose of this contest. 

Submissions should not include copyrighted material. The use of copyrighted materials will result in immediate disqualification.

In addition, submissions that have been published on other platforms or prior publications will not be considered. 

Direct video uploads are not permitted at Please upload your video submissions using a free, trusted third-party platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo) and provide us with the link.

Videos must be of a high enough quality to view uninterrupted, and no less than 480p.

Submissions will only be accepted between June 7, 2021 and July 23, 2021.

Global Lead Digital Storytelling Contest

Who May Enter the Global LEAD Digital Storytelling Contest

The contest is open to all members of the public who are:

  • Citizens of low and middle-income countries (LMICs) as listed here,
  • Aged 18-35, and
  • Members of YouthLead with a member profile that is at least 80 percent complete. 

Becoming a member of YouthLead is easy and free. All Entrants must be successfully registered on YouthLead. As registration may take several days to process, all registration requests must be submitted at least two business days (July 21, 2021) prior to the end of the Entry Period to ensure timely approval for entering the competition. 

Note: Current YouthLead Ambassadors, YouthLead Peer Advisors, members of the YP2LE Youth Advisory Group, USAID staff, and employees of the YP2LE contractor, subcontractors, and YouthLead Sponsors are not eligible to enter or win. 


  1. If the submission contains any material or elements that are not owned by the Entrant and/or which are subject to the rights of third parties, and/or if any persons appear in the submission, the Entrant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission, any and all releases and consents necessary. If any person appearing as a subject in any submission is under the age of majority in their state/province/territory of residence, the Entrant is responsible for getting the approval, on each release, of a parent or legal guardian.
  2. By entering the #WatchOurImpact Digital Storytelling Contest, Entrants agree and acknowledge that Making Cents International, the implementer of YP2LE, is permitted to receive and review the Entrant’s registration data. All personal information will be used by YP2LE in accordance with the Privacy Policy on and the #WatchOurImpact Digital Storytelling Contest rules.

Prizes for Global LEAD Digital Storytelling Contest

The winning submissions will be published at, promoted via our YouthLead social media channels and newsletter, and announced across all campaign partners’ social media channels. In addition, contest winners will: 

  • Take part in the USAID Global LEAD #WatchOurImpact Dialogue with other VIPs on August 12. 
  • Be featured on GenU’s website.  
  • Have the opportunity to meet with a senior member of the GenU global leadership council or board.  
  • Lead a “social media takeover” of GenU accounts.  
  • Become part of GenU’s pool of moderators.  
  • Be connected with GenU country offices.


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