Deadline: January 15 2022

The influence of women in society, business, and politics is growing, but in terms of leadership positions, earning, and career opportunities, the gender gap is still strongly noticeable. “Female Shift” Mentoring Programme also applies to the start-up area: female founders are still underrepresented and find it difficult to access financing through venture capital or scaling-up. The corona pandemic is also hitting women worldwide much more severely than men. Mentoring Programme is especially true for developing and emerging countries. But it is precisely there that the potential of female start-ups is great: societal challenges are tackled here with socio-ecological innovations.


“Female Shift” Mentoring Programme is looking for female entrepreneurs from Germany and Africa, with a focus on the Berlin-Brandenburg region and the countries of NamibiaRwanda, and South Africa.


  • Exchange of experience between female founders from Germany and Africa
  • Reverse mentoring – Exchange of skills, knowledge, and understanding of entrepreneurship for mutual benefit
  • Bridging the cross-cultural gap between different countries

Application Process

Within the framework of “Female Shift”, the Business Scouts for Development (BSfD) program aims to create digital offers for African and German women entrepreneurs and set up a mutual mentoring program. Join the mentoring program by sending in the mentoring questionnaire to



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