Deadline: Rolling Basis (Ongoing)

IREX is seeking an Engineering consultant to review broadcast transmission proposals from program partners, prepare maps to document signal propagation of program partners, and provide other technical advice to ensure that transmission systems and equipment are appropriate for desired tasks and are technically sound.

IREX is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to building a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world by empowering youth, cultivating leaders, strengthening institutions, and extending access to quality education and information.

Selected candidates will:

  • Provide periodic technical review of all broadcast transmission system designs provided by media program partners, IREX staff, and consultants, evaluating transmission equipment and systems to ensure appropriateness and capability of fulfilling intended purposes in the most effective and cost-efficient manner;
  • Design transmission systems required to meet media program partner needs.
  • Create transmission propagation maps for media partner stations, showing anticipated coverage of transmission systems operating under a range of power and antenna configurations and taking into account environmental factors such as terrain;
  • Provide copies of all documents received from media partners during the assignment to IREX as electronic files, packages, and printouts as needed.


  • Applicants can work remotely and from any location
  • Minimum of seven (7) years of experience in television, radio, and/or online in roles involving technical and engineering design, management, or operations (10+ years experience is desired)
  • Demonstrated experience as a trainer in broadcast television, radio, or a related field (3+ years experience is strongly desired)
  • Experience working in political transition and conflict/post-conflict environments is preferred.
  • Experience working in the MENA (the Middle East/North Africa) geographic region is preferred.
  • A high degree of professional reputation will be considered as part of the candidates’ evaluation. Candidates should therefore include professional references within their CVs, ideally for the broadcast outlets at which they have radio and/or television work experience or for which they have delivered training.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent English-language writing skills for training assignment reports are required.
  • Advanced or native fluency in Arabic is strongly desired.
  • Must be strong interpersonal skills, particularly in multi-cultural environments
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure


  • To apply, you must have a cover letter that includes a daily rate.
  • Prior to engagement, candidates will be asked to provide references.
  • Engagement will require a successful reference check.

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