Deadline: June 15, 2022

Application is open for the EYE2023 – Design and coordination of the outdoor Programme in the EYE Village. This is a call for proposals in order to award an action grant in the field of communication. The procedure will be managed by the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament (EP) in line with Regulation 2018/1046 (EU Financial Regulation), including Article 204 relating to financial support to third parties.


  • Admissibility conditions: described in section 5 of the call document.
  • Proposal page limits and layout: described in Part B of the Application Form available in the Submission System.
  • Eligible countries: described in section 6 of the call document.
  • Other eligibility conditions: are described in section 6 of the call document.
  • Financial and operational capacity and exclusion: described in section 7 of the call document.
  • Award criteria, scoring, and thresholds: described in section 9 of the call document.
  • Indicative timeline for evaluation and grant agreement: described in section 4 of the call document.
  • Evaluation and award: Legal and financial set-up of the grants: described in section 10 of the call document.
  • Submission and evaluation processes: described section 8 of the call document and the 
  •  Online Manual
  • Call document


The maximum budget available for this call is EUR 380 000. The European Parliament reserves the right not to award all available funds depending on the proposals received and the results of the evaluation.


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