Deadline: September 30, 2022

Digital Square at PATH is committed to advancing global goods crucial for saving lives and improving health around the world. At Digital Square, global goods are digital health tools that are free, open source, impactful, scalable, and adaptable to different countries and contexts. These global goods are essential to cut down on fragmentation and duplication of tools to accelerate and scale health impact.

“Notice G is not a usual funding opportunity but rather an opportunity to pull together the community of digital health innovators for health,” said Carl Fourie, Digital Square’s Deputy Director of Global Goods. “Together, we will increase the availability, adaptability, and maturity of high-quality digital health tools to address country-driven health needs.”


  • Successful applicants to this call will join the global goods community, receive funding to attend the 2023 Global Good Innovators Meeting, and a fixed award of up to $25,000 to support the publication of data on the impact and/or scale of the candidate global good


  • Digital Square accepts submissions from various applicants, independently or in partnership with others, including research institutes and institutions of higher education, non-governmental organizations, and private, for-profit companies. Digital Square also accepts applications for funding from innovators, digital entrepreneurs, and researchers of all nationalities based in all geographies

Proposals are required to meet a set of minimum eligibility criteria to be considered for evaluation. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The proposed software will need to meet the definition of global good and be licensed under an open source license
  • The proposed software must be a nominated or registered DPG with the DPGA.
  • Proposed software solutions should focus on Sustainable Development Goal 3: Health and well-being. Global goods are mapped to their primary function within the health space and the focus areas of intervention they seek to address. To provide the mappings, Digital Square global goods leverage the categories and system classifications of the World Health Organization’s “Classification of digital health interventions v1.0”.
  • The solution will need to provide evidence of the scale and of the tool being open source (meeting the definition of a software global good).
  • Must be a mature solution that is demonstrably established in the market and is aiming at expansion to new markets.


Organizations should apply through the Open Application Platform through the following steps:

  • Download the full request for application (RFA) document for more information on the criteria, and data sets required.
  • When applying, organizations will be asked to register on the new online platform.
  • Upon account creation, organizations should answer all required questions and fields in the online application form.
  • Organizations must submit their application through the online platform.


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