Deadline: January 23 2022

Ankara Queer Art Program – Guest Artist House, which hosts visual artists from Turkey and abroad in Ankara, focuses on the possibilities of artistic expression and new possibilities of queer politics. The program provides artists with an 8-week living and working space, while at the same time encouraging production and research processes. During this period, artists have the opportunity to work with artists, activists, academics, and curators from Turkey, and hold meetings for possible collaborations with different art fields.



  • This program has no cost for the artist, the application is free.
  • Artists who will apply to the program from abroad are required to have an intermediate level of English.
  • Artists accepted to the program are announced 15 days after the application deadline.
  • The portfolios of the artists applying to the Ankara Queer Art Program will be evaluated by the selection committee made up of art professionals.


Ankara Queer Art Program Guest Artist House Details

  • Accommodation-Workshop:  A free home workshop will be established for individual accommodation and work of each artist. Heating, water, electricity, wifi, and dues costs of this house will be covered by the program.
  • Artwork -Project Production Budget: Ankara Queer Art Program will provide 3000 TL for artists to use in their works if they want to produce works-projects for 8 weeks in the program.
  • Support:  Kaos GL Academy and Cultural Studies Program will support artists to meet with the program’s consultants and art venues during their time in Ankara.
  • Duration of the Program:  The Artist Residency Program, which is open to artists from all over the world, consists of 8-week terms.
  • Travel: The transportation expenses of artists coming from abroad or from outside the city will be organized and covered by the Ankara Queer Art Programme. An invitation letter will be given to the artist upon request for visa procedures.
  • Meal: Artists’ daily meal, road, etc. for 8 weeks. 6000 TL will be given to cover the expenses.


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