Deadline: November 30, 2022

Are you passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) research and innovation and its applications in media, society, and democracy? This is your opportunity to deliver innovation in the AI and media sectors and win up to €50,000 per project.

The AI4Media Open Call invites entrepreneurs, companies, research organizations, and researchers that develop and integrate applied research in the field of AI, to develop new research and applications addressing AI for the media sectors and contribute to the enrichment of the existing pool of research and technological tools.


The Open Call targets two types of projects, divided into tracks:

  • Track 1 – Research: Targets higher education and research institutions, academia, and researchers to increase the value of the AI4Media ecosystem by expanding, developing, and integrating new research in AI media domains. Projects funded under the Research track will run for 12 months.
  • Track 2 – Application: Targets entrepreneurs, and companies (micro-SMEs, SMEs, mid-caps) to develop innovative AI applications for the media sector by building on the research coming out of AI4Media or by adopting AI solutions to the media sector. Projects funded under the Application track will run for 9 months.


Through this open call, 10 projects will be selected (5 from each track). Projects must address one of the following research or application-driven challenges.

Research challenges

C1-R Reinforcement learning and the challenge of generalization
C2-R Evolutionary learning and the challenge of evaluating the quality
C3-R Scarce data and the cross-media transfer of knowledge
C4-R New decentralized collaborative learning paradigms for AI
C5-R Quantum Reinforcement Learning for classical data processing
C6-R Frugal cross-modal representation for media research
C7-R Broadening the spectrum of Interpretable AI
C8-R Standardising AI datasets and model creation
C9-R Novel AI-powered enablers for social media research
C10-R Social media alert system to avoid the attention-gathering loop
C11-R Representative and Inclusive Depictions of AI
C12-R-OPEN Open Research Challenge

Application challenges

C1-A Realising a hybrid AI application in AI4EU Experiments
C2-A AI global support to informative content production
C3-A New learning methods for music overcoming scarce data
C4-A AI for suggesting visually appealing images based on text
C5-A Recommender Systems to Support Exploratory Research with Media
C6-A AI for automated testing and sound synthesis
C7-A-OPEN Open Application Challenge


  • Financial support: Equity-free funding of up to €50.000 per project.
  • Market-driven services: Dedicated boot camps and online events to support market take-up of developed applications.
  • Business support: Business support to promote innovations by SMEs and demonstrate them to cluster organizations and media stakeholders.
  • Coaching: All projects will be allocated a coach to support the work developed and the integration into the AI4Media network
  • Visibility and promotion: Major visibility, promotion, and networking opportunities are offered as part of the AI4Media project and related networks.


  • Open to entrepreneurs, companies, research organizations, and researchers;
  • Be passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) research and innovation and its applications in media, society, and democracy.


The deadline for submitting your proposal to the Open Call is November 30, 2022, at 17h00 CET (Brussels time)


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