Deadline: May 11,2022

Beer Garage Accelerator is a program by Beer Garage – Global tech innovation hub of AB InBev with the aim of driving innovation by building a robust network focused on solving real world complex business problems for the AB InBev ecosystem across Europe, LATAM, Africa & APAC.


  • Upto US$50K Paid Engagement: Eligibility for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) upto USD $50,000 (depending on scope of pilot).
  • Global Expansion and New Customer Connects: Connect with key executives and corporate partners from our global markets and explore your potential to expand globally.
  • Access to Investors: Opportunity for investment with exposure to our VC network/partners as well as opportunity within AB InBev’s ecosystem with Z-Tech and ZX Ventures.
  • Mentorship For Product Maturity: Access to key resources, opportunities to upscale to an Enterprise Grade Product, deployment in a live environment with assistance in the co-creation of a product roadmap
  • Perks & Credits: Access to cloud credits from our partners; events & training workshops at Beer Garage. Opportunity to be recommended to one of our Innovation Garage partners and networking on the Beer Garage Platform.
  • Marketing & Branding Support: Get access to support with Marketing and Branding via our outreach events and digital platforms.


  • NFTs/Metaverse Collaborations: Create unique customer experiences and touch points to Improve consumer engagement and brand presence leveragingNFT/metaverse
  • Virtual Idols: Solutions to capitalize on our virtual idol Hajiang for increased consumer engagement and branding
  • Esports and Gaming: Solutions to strength positioning of our brands associated with sports in the esports and gaming ecosystem.
  • Social/Live Commerce: Solutions that tap into social media and live events to connect, experience, and buy our products
  • Consumer Data Collection: Innovative solutions to know more about our consumers through the power of owned data (data acquisition)
  • Targeted Marketing: Solutions to build a personalized connection with our consumers for targeted marketing.
  • Sales force enablement: Digital solutions for our field sales team to drive better sales execution and performance.
  • Smart Packaging: Solutions that can enable additional functions into the packaging to derive more value from them e.g. Gain a better understanding of our product’s journey
  • PET Innovation: Collaborate with partners who provide innovative PET solutions that favours sustainability.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Innovative environment friendly packing solutions that conform with functional requirements for our beer and beyond beer products.
  • Assets Trading Platform: Innovative solutions that allow optimization of cost intensive assets in entire supply chain by sharing with other players in the industry. E.g. Shared Logistics, warehouses etc.
  • Supply Chain Tracking: Digital Solution to quickly access the key details (place of origin, Route to Market partners etc.) of our products available in outlets during the field visits.

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